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However, numerous investigations of the contactee movement revealed many flaws and inaccuracies in the contactees' claims that led most researchers to conclude that their stories were hoaxes. [5] Among the pieces of evidence noted by critics was that Venus has an environment that is extremely hostile to human life, and that none of the other planets in Earth's solar system are capable of supporting humanoid life. Also, investigators such as USAF Captain Edward J. Ruppelt , the head of the Air Force's Project Blue Book , and ufologist James W. Moseley , conducted extensive investigations into the claims and backgrounds of Adamski, Williamson, and other contactees, and concluded that they were either con artists or simply not being truthful in their stories and claims. [5] [8]

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What a kind and intelligent criticism of Mr. Tsoukalos and his physical appearance none of which disproves or proves the authenticity of the so-called Roswell Stone.

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Sterling Roswell - Venus Honey DewSterling Roswell - Venus Honey Dew

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